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Ireland is the 5th best country in the world to live in.
Kenmare is one of the most favorite towns in Ireland !

The town located on the beautiful Ring of Kerry
is often called " The Jewel in the Ring". It's enchanting appearance will capture the visitor's attention
immediately. Filled with fine Restaurants, Craft & Art Shops, 2 Silver Smiths, Pubs offering Irish Music
and the best accommodation you can find in Ireland. Hotels, Guesthouses, Country Homes, Farmhouses,
Bed and Breakfast, Kenmare has them all but reservations are essential in the high season.

Why not Rent a Cottage overlooking the Kenmare Bay !

A visit in the off season is worth a try, the spring and fall bring out fantastic colours and give you a chance
to see Kerry at its best, many Irish tourist visit Kenmare during this time, a great opportunity to meet people.
During the year Kenmare offers festivals, special weekends and events. The surroundings offer a wealth
of recreation, walking, climbing, fishing, Seafari Cruise, Watersports, Riding Stables and Golf Courses.
Two world class Hotels,Sheenfalls Lodge and the Park Hotel overlooking The Bay and Reenagross Park.

  T he location of Kenmare is also unique, tucked away
between the Ring of Kerry and the Ring of Beara,
from where visitors can explore the scenic hills.
Kenmare is a base for sightseeing this part of the world.
Before you leave the town make sure to pick up maps,
cards and brochures for friends and relatives
who may want to visit Kenmare in the future, you may even hold your wedding here.

Please pay attention to the building and shop fronts,
they are very special, a lot of thought
and work have gone into them in order to give
Kenmare the crisp appearance it has today.
Kenmare was awarded "Tidiest town of the Year" and it shows.

Retire in Kenmare !   A lot of nationals and non-nationals choose to retire in Kenmare
No crime, low pollution, clean air and water are plenty of reasons to do so.
The peaceful Kerry people are helpful, friendly and forthcoming.
A dozen golf courses nearby, cosy restaurants, pubs, and
even a school of Music, all within one hour drive from Kerry Airport.

The History of Kenmare, Ireland goes back a long way, the book " Kenmare and its storied glen "
by Sr.Philomena McCarthy is for sale in Kenmare and deals with the history of Kenmare in great detail.

It is believed that the first Celtic finds in the Kenmare area date back to 1800-2000 b.c.
"The Killaha Hoard" ( axes, a halberd and a dagger ) on display in the National Museum,
dates back to this early copper age period. Stone Circles, Ring forts, Pillar stones and
Standing stones are to be found all over Kerry. It is accepted that Christianity reached
the south-west of Ireland before the coming of St.Patrick.

Little or nothing is recorded of subsequent history until the coming of the Normans (1190 a.d.)
The battle of Callan ( 1261 a.d. ) is now regarded as one of the most decisive in Irish history.
From this date to up to the battle of Kinsale the McCarties and O'Sullivans
ruled a Gaelic state where the clans were self-supporting.

T he town has something to offer for every budget in all sections of the catering and hospitality industry.
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